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On Saturday 20th October, 1st Send Guides took part in Jamboree on the Air, an Amateur Radio event for Guides and Scouts.
Also, during the day six Brownies from 1st Send, 10th Woking and 1st Old Woking Brownie Packs, completed their Radio Communication Badges. One Guide from 1st Old Woking also visited.
Flags were pinned into maps to mark all contacts made. By the end of the day contacts had been made with Australia, Holland, and Yugoslavia, as well as many locations within the British Isles.
Before the day, the Guides had written messages about themselves to be sent out on the Packet Radio (similar to email). This ensured that there were some received messages that the Guides could reply to.
Several chatterboxes were also available to enable the Guides to have a direct typed conversation with other users, from as far afield as Australia, or with each other!
Contacts were also made via the speaking radios, within the British Isles.
The Guides and Brownies thoroughly enjoyed the day, and wish to thank all those who made the day possible, with their time and equipment.

Thelma Flack and Sally Beck (1st Send Guide Leaders)
Carolyn Kaine (10th Woking Brownie Leader)

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